Achmed Jr
a.k.a "AJ" is Achmed's son. His mother is Achmed's 42nd wife. He has a British accent since he was raised in England. His first apperence was on Jeff Dunham: Controlled Chaos, He is part human/part skeleton. And the cool thing is his right side is human and the left is skeleton and he has Achmed's eye. He became this way when Achmed was putting gas in his scooter and answered a call from AJ's mum. Achmed hated his half living guts until on Controlled Chaos. On Controlled Chaos he said "I kill him." Then from there on their relationship was all peaches and cream. It is hinted that he may be homosexual, and seems to be attracted to Jeff's assistant, Marnell. Achmed would tell Jeff and say to Peanut that he stole your shamwow. Achmed Jr. appeared in the beginning of Jeff Dunham: Minding the Monsters as a narrator. He calls Achmed, his "awful father".