This is the first episode of The Jeff Dunham Show and the series premiere. The series premiere gained strong ratings of 5.3 million viewers.

Plot SynopsisEdit

Jeff and Walter go to a therapist because they argue too much and Comedy Central is afraid it is affecting the show and They find out the thearptist is gay. They bond with each other and agree they don't want to be gay with each other. Achmed tells Jeff about him doing stand-up comedy and his own comedy DVD "I Keel You, I Keel Me".Jeff's publisher gets Peanut a date with Brooke Hogan which is ruined by Achmed after he puts peanuts in guacamole which Peanut is allergic to and Peanut gets him back by giving Achmed's arm to Jeff's chihuahua. Bubba J becomes homesick so Jeff brings him to a realifing range and becomes friends with a guy who has the same hobbies as him and Bubba J ends the friendship as he claims he seen him "shooting with a other man".


The series premiere got high ratings and the only episode that had a guest star.

Achmed's Introduction for JeffEdit

"Greetings, individuals, Please welcome, Jeff Dunham."

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