Episode 2 is the second episode of The Jeff Dunham Show and Good Charlotte guest stars and Nurse Penelope Hsu.

Episode 2Edit

Achmed throws himself a funeral but ends in disaster after he buys a dog casket and his cousin, Pierre steals his crush and Jeff volunteers to be his pallbearer, Peanut gets Walter to interview Good Charlotte, Walter gets examined by a "woman doctor" and Jeff walks in on his after he is taking his clothes off to get into a gown and it seems Walter has a small penis and then Jeff tells much every other one of his puppets and Bubba J makes fun of Walter and then Walter gets his home towed.

Unaired SketchEdit

Sweet Daddy Dee appear in this episode. Sweet Daddy tries to get a acapella, Red Harmony to quiet down as they are practing in a german bar as the Germans downstairs are getting mad as Sweery Daddy tries to get them German material as they don't like it as Sweet Daddy gets the group to run away to their car and drive away, expect a member named Syndey as Sweet Daddy states they are heading for the hot tub.

Achmed's introduction for JeffEdit

"Greetings, infidels. Please give a predictable American standing ovation for your host, Jeff Dunham".

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