Episode 5 is the fifth episode of The Jeff Dunham Show.


Sweet Daddy D learns about civil war renacment and has Jeff dress up like Abraham Lincoln and associating things with cultural things that black and white people like and reenacts by having a drive-by-shooting and then having drinks with them, Achmed records ringtones, Walter tries to get a gift for his anniversary, so he gets her a vacation and Patty, a travel agent helps him with suggestions like Rome, Tathilti, a cruise, India, France, Mexico, until his final decision is China as she suggest Walter tries to eat Chinese food and then asks Patty to book that vacation for China and it seems his wife went on the trip by herself, and his next gift will be a ticket home. Bubba J tries to "drunk-proof" a house.

Achmed's introduction for JeffEdit

"Give it up for the man who let me borrow his Hummer to move a futon into my cave."

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