Jeff Dunham: Arguing with Myself is a stage performance of comedian and ventriloquist Jeff Dunham. The show was taped in Santa Ana, California. The DVD was released on April 11, 2006. It is Dunham's first DVD.


  • Walter - A grumpy old Vietnam war veteran with an attitude. He obviously doesn't give a damn about anything or anyone. He also hates his wife.
  • Sweet Daddy D - Jeff's new manager from the street. Says he's a "Player In The Management Profession. PIMP." According to Sweet Daddy, that makes Jeff the ho.
  • Bubba J - In Jeff's own words, "Pretty much just white-trash trailer-park." Talks about NASCAR, drinking beer, and his wife.
  • Peanut - A purple woozle from Micronesia resembling a small caricature of an ape. Wears one red Converse shoe on his left foot. Walter said he's like "a frickin' Muppet on crack." In the first and second specials, he also mocks José's being on a stick, saying "Maybe it was a horrible pogo accident. You know, doing-doing.... crriccck! Olé!" He also thought that maybe Jose was mooning a javelin thrower. He pronounces Santa Ana as "Sah, Nah-tah Ah...nah!"Oh yeah, he also does Peanut Foo, (kung foo is with two arms, and his other arm is kinda %$#%)
  • José Jalapeño on a Stick - a jalapeño pepper on a stick or "steeeek" as he says it with a Hispanic accent.

DVD ReleaseEdit

The special was released on DVD and on Blu-ray Disc later. This was the only special that had a choice of the censored or uncensored versions of the special.

Special featuresEdit

  • Puppet bloopers-Two bloopers, Peanut's hair flies off and that is when he does Peanut Fu at Jeff, cause it hurtswhen you get hair screwed back on and Walter arms uncross.
  • Violation of the Peanut Doll-Walter introduces a video of a small dog humping a Peanut doll.
  • Walter's Goodbye-The camera approaches Walter and Walter states he doesn't do interviews and he'll "kick your ass to Calcutta".
  • Audio Commentary-Commentary on the special by Jeff and Kelly Asbury (author of the book, Dummy Days and co-directed Shrek 2).


  • This is the only special to feature Sweet Daddy Dee.

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