'thumb|link=File:Controlled-Chaos1-1-.jpgJeff Dunham: Controlled Chaos 'is the fourth Comedy Central special of Jeff Dunham. The special premiered on September 25, 2011. Also, two new characters were made for the special.


Jeff Dunham performs with Walter, Achmed, Peanut, and Jose Jalapeño on a Stick. Also, with two new characters, Achmed Jr., Achmed's long-lost half-skeleton/half-human son with his eye and Little Jeff, a miniature dummy version of Jeff whose is Peanut's ventriloquist dummy who is referred as "Little Ugly Jeff" or "Little Ugly A** Jeff".



  • This is the second special to not have Bubba J, but has a cameo appearance at the beginning as a security guard.
  • This is the first special in which Walter wears suspenders.
  • Peanut's hair comes out of his head again.

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