Ass Jeff
Little Jeff
is the miniaturized dummy version of Jeff Dunham. His first appearance was in Jeff Dunham's early appearences on TV in 1989 and 1991.  After many years of absense, he re-appeared Jeff Dunham: Controlled Chaos and then he appeared in Jeff Dunham: Minding the Monsters. His catchphrase is "He's got a hold of somethin'....." in a Texas like accent.

His personality changed from being clearly his own man to being the dummy of Peanut. Little Jeff is operated by using the footlever mechanism of a Hi-hat cymbal from a drumkit.


Little Jeff wears a black shirt with a white undershirt, black jeans, and a necklace and he is Peanut's ventriloquist dummy as Peanut and Jose referred to him as ugly and his nicknames, "Little Ugly Jeff" or "Little Ugly Assjeff". Little Jeff has a deep voice. In his persona as the "Loser", Little Jeff wears a green bodysuit that is covered with the letter "L" and a green mask in the shape of a large "L".

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